PIRELA ATELIER is more than a design firm. It is a laboratory for the experience and use of space. It is the product of the innovation and creativity of ALIRIO PIRELA and his team, who will guide you through the process of realizing your own vision, from broad concept to execution of the finest details.

ALIRIO PIRELA will help you create a space that is truly yours and that reflects your aesthetic sense, a space where every detail showcases your personal style and brings happiness and wellbeing to everyone who experiences it.

ALIRIO PIRELA is known for the passion and creativity so evident in his work. He is committed to both the artistic and technical aspects of any design project, and he brings a broad experience and diverse background to bear in the realization of his innovative vision.

ALIRIO's designs can be found in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Hollywood, New York, and Venezuela.

He designs residential spaces that are warm, welcoming, and comfortable, yet that also communicate a keen, crisp and unique aesthetic sense.

The spaces that ALIRIO creates share a classical sensibility. They are brought to life by a unique mix of modern and traditional furnishings, which he often designs himself, from custom sofas and chairs to rugs and accessories.

He has degrees in Interior Design and Graphic Design, and he possesses excellent construction and craftsmanship skills, as well as an uncompromising attention to detail.

ALIRIO conceives of design as Language. A design tells a story, it conveys as much information about the people who use a space as it does about the space itself. A room evokes the past, it creates the present, and it sets the tone for the future.

A well-designed space brings people together in its story, and Alirio is adept at helping his clients give voice to their stories, and express them in unique and personal ways.

ALIRIO's own story has been shaped by different places, cultures, and languages. He has lived in the US, Spain, France, Brazil, and Venezuela, and has spent considerable amounts of time in several other countries. He speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and has used other languages in his work and personal life.

Each step of the way has left a mark on ALIRIO’s design aesthetic, and the diverse colors and textures of his life find expression in his work.

The unique background and experience that ALIRIO brings to your project will help you find expression of your own style, and use your space to tell your own story.
Pirela Atelier Studio
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